Oven cleaning

Imagine being an oven. Not only do you have spills and slips of soups and sauces, but you have them over and over again. And then you have them burned on over time, in layers. And covered in fat and grease. And more.

When it comes to cleaning ovens, this isn’t like wiping a kitchen surface. This requires trained, armed personnel. Brave people who can fearlessly go where others fear to tread. People like SOC, who are accredited members of the Association of Approved Oven Cleaners.

If you’ve not heard of the Association of Approved Oven Cleaners (and, let’s be honest, there’s no reason you would have) we’ll keep it quick and simple for you by quoting from their website:

The Association ensures that:

All members have completed the required training programme, comply with Health and Safety Regulations and employment law. There is no use of any caustic or toxic products within the customer’s home and a specifically designed dipping tank, which is securely and safely installed into the back of a van, is used for all racks and shelves.

Customers can find comfort in the knowledge that all members of The Association are professional, caring and environmentally friendly.

Whatever your oven type, however black and burned and mired in fat and grease and who knows what else – don’t give it a second thought: phone us today and we’ll soon have you shiny.