Carpet cleaners in Surrey

Poor carpets. Not for them the high-life of curtains, only being handled twice a day. Carpets get trodden on. Literally. Every day. Repeatedly. And things get trodden in. Poor poor carpets.

A once-over every few days with a vacuum cleaner is fine for keeping things respectable, but the only way to really put colour and life back into your carpets and to remind you what you loved about them when they were young and full of bounce is to get them professionally cleaned. By professional cleaners.

Which is where SOC comes in. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies our guys are Prochem trained. If you haven’t heard of Prochem don’t worry – Prochem Europe Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning and maintenance products for carpets, fabrics and floors, and offers training courses and certifications.

Our guys understand different fabric and carpet types, can identify different levels of wear and tear and evaluate risk, and no how to treat your carpet with the care it deserves.

If you are located in and around Surrey then contact us today! Equipped with equipment and cleaning tools, our cleaning personnel make your carpet look like new. To chat about your carpet or for a quotation, call us today on 07580 180 580 or email